BUSY- Business Accounting Software

BUSY is an integrated business accounting software for Micro, Small and Medium businesses. With over 1,00,000 installations (over 10 Lac Users) worldwide, BUSY is one of the leading accounting software’s in India and Sri Lanka.

BUSY offers a range of accounting softwares to cater to the needs of different business segments. The primary editions offered by BUSY are Basic, Standard & Enterprise.

Whereas Basic edition is available in 1 variant (Single-User) only – Standard & Enterprise editions are available in 3 variants (Single-User, Multi-User and Client-Server) each.

We chose cloud offering and SaaS model deployments considering an industry compliant cloud host and best practices with 100% uptime guaranteed.

Suitable For SME’s of any segment, Retail and wholesale traders, Manufacturers, Restaurant, Textiles, Garments, Wholesale and retail pharmacy, Retail chains, etc.

Although most of the requirements of a business organization are met by using the standard BUSY software, some organizations do have certain specific requirements that are not available in standard BUSY. For such organizations, BusyWin (Windows-based BUSY) offers the possibility of customization. The customization could be in terms of:

• Generation of some Organization-specific Report / MIS
• Generation of Organization-specific Data Entry Screens

Such a solution, consisting of a standard BusyWin coupled with the customized software developed as per the requirement of the organization, is termed as BUSY Enterprise Solution. To understand the concept of the same, we will first have to understand the architecture of BusyWin. First-tier is the front-end. This tier accepts inputs from the user and gives the desired reports. Second-tier is business logic that is invoked by the front-end (first tier) to write or read data from the databases. Third-tier is the actual databases where the data is stored.

Now, if an organization wants a customized Report / MIS or Data Entry Module, that is not provided in Standard BusyWin, the same can be developed by any third party software developer using the functions provided in the second tier of BusyWin. To maintain the integrity of databases, direct access to BUSY databases is not allowed.

Cloud/Onpremise HR and Payroll System

Managing Human Resources has never been a cakewalk. Hiring the right talents and delivering the quality employee experience has always been a crucial task for HR professionals.

However, these modern challenges can be conquered by simply adopting solutions like Human Resource Management Software or HRMS in your organization. Over the years, HR technology has evolved tremendously. With a consistent flow of new digital tools and technologies such as HR software, it has transformed the way HR leaders used to function.

The adoption of HR technology allows organizations to reduce the manual work associated with workforce management. Automation in HR makes processes much smoother and the workforce more efficient. From large multinational companies to small local businesses, every organization is leveraging the benefits of HR software.

Payroll Functions

Payroll software solutions offer smart payroll management where it is convenient and easy to manage employees’ Salary records efficiently with many features and facilities. It is a matter of relief to rely on this standard software that complies with the labour laws and regulations in Sri Lanka. Its rapid and automated customization in line with the requirements of the industry where it will be used is one of the reasons why Payroll solutions are attractive for purchase.

Optionally the payroll software can be integrated to Employee time attendance and fingerprint / facial recognition system. Payroll system is linked leave approval module as well.

POS System

Softacc POS software is the most advanced modern retail billing software available in Sri Lanka. The system can be deployed on-premises and on the cloud to automate your retail operations and manage them efficiently. It includes features that perfectly match the needs of any small, medium and large-scale retail business. Let us know your requirements and our tech professionals would help you deploy the required modules of best POS billing software for your business.

Take a quick tour and see how smartly you can manage your retail store with the help of Softacc POS software!

Bizaccerp & Restaurant Management System

Accounting & Enterprise Management package (100% Cloud Compatible / SaaS Model) which is a real-time cloud-compatible solution offering.

We chose cloud offering and SaaS model deployments considering an industry compliant cloud host and best practices with 100% uptime guaranteed.

Suitable For SME’s of any segment, Retail and wholesale traders, Manufacturers, Restaurant, Textiles, Garments, Wholesale and retail pharmacy, Retail chains, etc.

Hospital Management System

HMS is one of the most trusted and recognized Hospital management and EMR software solution provider in the health care sector. We provide cloud-based and local server-based solutions to hospitals and clinics to automate their key processes – clinical, financial, and operational and management. Our mission is to improve the productivity and efficiency of doctors and hospitals across the world by providing products and solutions by using the latest technologies.

Hotel Management Software

Hotel Software is a fully integrated software package designed to manage your hospitality property. Our Hotel Software combines best of breed functionality with seamless, all-in-one integration.

Whether you are a 500 room hotel or a 20 room hotel we have the software for you. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business.

Hotel Software is completely customizable to fit your business. Our implementation professionals will work with you to ensure a perfect fit between your business and our solutions. We will teach you how to use our tools to save time and earn more money with each and every guest transaction.

Student Management System

‘SMS’ is an advanced, fully flexible new generation solution designed and developed for the automation of educational institutions. ‘SMS’ has been developed and built from scratch by SVT through a collaborative coding approach with reputed educational institutions, to meet the most complex and demanding needs of the learning industry and tested over the past 7+ years. SMS is not proposing just a technology product, but we offer a differentiating solution that will help our customers stay ahead in terms of Campus Efficiency, agility, quality in educational practices and perfect control over the management system in place.

Hardware and Networking Solutions

SVG provides a full product line for network solutions, including computer repair services, laptop services, desktops, servers, routers, firewalls, switches, printers and more. Because of our partnerships with all the major hardware solutions providers, SVG's experienced sales staff can offer you the best solution to fit your needs at significant savings over our competition. SVG also offers a full staff of skilled hardware engineers to diagnose and repair problems with your computer hardware and peripherals.

Professional Network Solutions

SVG provides professional network solutions focused on network design, implementation and support. Our Microsoft and Cisco Certified engineers are here to assist with your network needs, including: firewalls, virtual private networks, remote access solutions, wireless planning, integration and support, as well as protection from and removal of today’s latest technology threats. We offer cost effective remote solutions and on-site support to minimize downtime and increase productivity.

Our network solutions involve setting up of workgroups and groupware based on Windows NT Server and Linux platforms.

This involves:
• setting up of department servers
• setting up of eMail server
• setting up of web server
• setting up of database server
• Setting up spam protection server

Web Design and Development

We provide the a vast range of web designing services including business information websites, company and institutional websites, eCommerce and online selling websites, personal profiles, payment gateways and all the required services.

Our services assure you to provide the best web designing services, hosting and runtime, business email accounts, Search Engine Optimizations, graphic and multimedia services to keep your website up to date.

All our web services are secured with world’s best web security systems from infrastructure, platform to CMS software levels with firewalls, spam protections and all types of hacking and attack protections.

Web Hosting

A Grade Web Hosting with all the required web hosting facilities for almost all the major CMS and web designing software.

Business Emails

Spam free Business Email Accounts with storage facility as required to brand your business and communications.

SEO (Onsite / Offsite)

Search Engine Optimizations to rank your website and services to the top of the search results relevant to your business areas.

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